Safety Mask
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Safety Mask

On this page, we will introduce you our safety mask which is also known as gas mask.
Full-face safety mask is a kind of personal filtration mask which can effectively protect face, eyes and respiratory tract against toxic agents, biological warfare agents and radioactive dust damage. This kind of gas mask is used in the field of army, police, civil defence, and other public workplace. Due to the big window lens are made of makrolon, gas mask has broad view and superior impact resistance. Different canisters can be used to protect against kinds of gases.

Specifications of Safety Mask
1. Article code: TB1001
2. mf14 safety mask is made up of the body of mask, canisters ( it can be adjusted according to the user's request)and rubber headbands (adjusted according to user's choice), the drinking water device
3. The body seal box cover is designed according to the adult head type, wearing comfortably, the airtightness is reliable.
4. The big window lens of gas mask which is made of polycarbonate and features of broad vision, good optical and strong impact resistance.
5. The canister is filled by qualified activated carbon or activated carbon catalyst, the service time is long, weight is light, easy to change a new one.
6. The sound transmission device is clear, sound transmission lost very little.
7. CE certified.
8. Data Sheet
Oil mist through rate ≤0.0005%
Exhalation resistance ≤98pa (30l/min)
Vision: total field of vision≥75%
Binocular field of vision ≥60%
The below field of vision ≥40 (degree)
Gas mask leakage factor ≥0.0005%
Weight: 1.05kg/set
Working time: depends on the canister
Storage time: 5 years
9. Packing: 1set/box,20sets/ctn

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