Paper Face Mask
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Paper Face Mask

Welcome to product webpage of Highside Company! The product shown on this page is our paper face mask. It is made of high quality wood pulp, which provides great softness and comfort. Thus, the face mask is harmless to skin and comfortable to wear. Our paper face mask is adjustable to best suit different face shapes. Our paper face mask is made by lockstitch sewing machine, which makes ear strips well fixed. The face mask has extensive applications, such as, electronic manufacturing, cleanrooms, restaurants, food processing, schools, motorcycling, printing, molding, clinics, handicrafts, hospitals, cosmetics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, factories, cleansing and public areas.

Specifications of Paper Face Mask
1. Article code: HI04501
2. Single-use
3. Made by paper
4. Without glass fibers
5. Hypoallergenic
6. Good air permeability
7. Perfect fitting of the paper mask over the face
8. The paper face mask suits use in factories, beauty parlors, electronics and food industries, etc.
9. Size: 20×7CM
10. Packing: 100PCS/BOX, 10000PCS/CTN

Highside is a leading, ISO certified paper face mask manufacturer, located in China. We are committed to providing best quality bouffant cap, disposable n95 mask, and other products for worldwide customers. On the other hand, we provide excellent services for our customers, such as, free samples, 3 to 5 years' warranty and compensation for damaged cargo. OEM is also available, upon request. Quality products, coupled with our attentive service have won us a large number of customers from more than 30 countries and regions, including the U.S, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia, to name a few. If you have any need, please feel free to contact us. We at Highside are happy to assist you.

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