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Highside is a Chinese personal protective product, disposable clothing, medical disposables manufacturer. Our products include SPP shoe cover, bouffant cap, face mask, and more. These products are made from a variety of raw materials, such as SPP, SMS, PE and PVC, to name a few. In the following we will introduce you specifically these materials.

Materials Information
SPP (SBPP) --- Polypropylene spun-bond

Polypropylene spun-bond is made by Reifenhauser double beam spunbond production line, providing high uniformity, continuous filament, great tensile strength and elongation.
A. Standard fabric for basic protective apparel
B. Economy, comfort, and fluid resistance
C. Multiple colors available

The SBPP, commonly used for basic protection, is widely applicable to lab coats, coveralls, show covers, face masks, isolation gowns, surgical gowns, surgical caps, patient bed sheets, etc. in hygiene and medical industries.

SMS --- Spunbonded Meltblown Spunbonded
SMS is made by Reifenhauser RECOFIL-III SMMS production line, with high uniformity and opacity. Spunbond layer consist of continuous filament, with good tensile strength and elongation. Melt blown layer consists of continuous micro fiber.

Specialized SMS Fabric
A. Anti-static SMS fabric (surface resistivity less than 108Ω)
B. Medical repellence (anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-oil) grade SMS fabric
C. Anti-mildew and anti-bacterial SMS fabric
D. Extra soft SMS fabric
E. Hydrophilic SMS fabric

A. SMS, the three-ply material, has excellent moisture, bacteria and dust barrier property.
B. High hydrostatic head and good air permeability
C. Anti-acid and anti-alkali
D. Strong fluid resistance and great comfort

SMS is generally used for high class protection in laboratories, and medical, industrial, electronic, pharmaceutical industries. The spunbonded meltblown spunbonded materials are ideal for isolation gowns, patient gowns, lab coats, coveralls, procedure gowns, caps and facemasks, boots covers, aprons, napkins and diapers.

SPP/PE --- Polyethylene Coated Polypropylene
SPP/PE is made by coating the soft, spunbond polypropylene with a layer of impervious polyethylene. This lightweight material is ideal for any situation demanding a high level of fluid protection.

A. SPP/PE shares all the characteristics of double-beam spunbond fabric.
B. Coated with PE film, SPP/PE has superior waterproofing performance.

With strong fluid resistance, the polyethylene coated polypropylene is typically used in surgical gowns, bed sheets, and sleeve covers, etc. for high level protection.

PE --- Polyethylene
Impervious to fluids, polyethylene apparel provides maximum protection, which is very cost effective. Unlike polypropylene, it resembles plastic more than cloth and lacks breathability. PE is commonly adopted in environment where complete fluid protection is required.

LDPE --- is the low density version of PE. It has an excellent resistance to water, moisture and most organic solvents and chemicals (except those containing aromatic or chlorine). This material has less hardness, stiffness and strength compared to HDPE, but better ductility.

HDPE --- is the high density version of PE. It is highly resistant to many acids, alkalis and solvents. The high density polyethylene is harder, stronger and a little heavier than LDPE, but less ductile.

CPE --- Chlorinated Polyethylene
CPE is a type of polymer, which is prepared from the substitution reaction of polyethylene and chlorine under the action of initiation. The product possesses good weatherproof, oil-proof, aging-resistant, chemical-resistant, ozone-resistant and fire-resistant properties.

PVC----- Polyvinyl Chloride
Polyvinyl chloride is heavy, stiff, ductile and medium strong amorphous (transparent) material. By adding softeners, a range of softer materials can be achieved, which range from a flexible to an almost rubber-like elastic soft material. PVC has brilliant resistance to acids and bases, but may be affected by some solvents. Soft PVC is exceptionally resistant to most chemicals, in addition to offering good gas barrier property.

Spunlace non-woven is an environmental friendly fabric. Without additional chemical, spunlace non-woven is done by high pressure water entanglement to form the entire web.

A. Highly permeable, absorbent, durable, and lint-free
B. High strength, smooth texture and soft touch.
C. Easy to sew or wash

Spunlace non-woven has countless applications in the health care, medical industries, such as use in disposable cloth, bed sheets, doctor caps, cooking towels, factory cleaning wipes and other consumer goods.

PVC / Nylon
PVC/ nylon refers to lightweight nylon mesh coated on one side with heavyweight PVC. This material has excellent tear and abrasion resistance and is also resistant to most industrial oil, acids and chemicals. It is suitable for heavy duty protection.
In order to provide quality products, we manage in strict accordance with ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards. For example, we implement rigorous quality control of incoming materials, the whole manufacturing process and finished products. Also, our continuing staff training and regular equipment maintenance helps improve our production efficiency and extend lifetime of our machines, saving us on production cost. Due to reliable quality at economical prices, our disposable dust mask, disposable scalpel, etc, are popular with customers from over 30 countries, including the U.S, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, among others. If you are in need of our products, please see our webpage to find the right product for your application or contact us directly for assistance. We at Highside are confident that you will be pleased with our superior products and excellent service.

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