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Disposable Non Woven Wipes Disposable Non Woven Wipes
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Disposable Non Woven Wipes

Technical Parameters
1. Article code: HI09201
2. Single-Use Wipes
3. Materials: Polyester and Viscose
100% Viscose
10%Viscose and 90%Polyester
20%Viscose and 80%Polyester
30%Viscose and 70%Polyester
40%Viscose and 60%Polyester
50%Viscose and 50%Polyester
60%Viscose and 40%Polyester
70%Viscose and 30%Polyester
80%Viscose and 20%Polyester
90%Viscose and 10%Polyester
100% Polyester
4. Weight: 35-100gsm
5. Features: super absorptivity and free of lint
6. Free of Chemical Additives
7. Color: White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red
8. Type: type in pieces or type in rolls
9. Size: 30cm x 40cm, 30cm x 50cm or Customized Size
10. The Package is also customized.

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