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Highside Medical Technology CO., LTD. is a professional Chinese manufacturer of personal protective product and medical disposables, founded in 2004. Our goal remains to provide high quality products at economical prices, through the use of our advanced manufacturing equipment and specially trained staff.
We provide a wide variety of personal protective product, disposable clothing and medical disposables to accommodate whatever need our international customers may have. Due to their reliable performance, our products are increasingly being used in medical, food, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries. We now have a large number of clients from nearly 30 different countries and regions around the world, including the US, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

Quality Control
It is our goal at Highside to manufacture the highest quality mob cap, SPP shoe cover and related protective products for customers all over the globe. We require an independent inspection department to guarantee product quality and consistency through strict IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In-process Quality Control) and OQC (Output Quality Control) inspections. If any of our products should not meet your approval we will do one of three things to quickly find a solution:
1. We will return the inferior materials found in the IQC process to the suppliers, while requiring them to improve the quality to ensure superior materials.
2. If there are problems with the quality of our semi-finished or finished products, the IPQC staff immediately reports to the machine operating staff and engineering department. Any unqualified products will go through quality improvement to meet related technical standards.
3. In the case of products found to have quality problems by OQC, we ensure 100% qualified products reach customers by taking a number of actions. Our production department performs a full inspection before a spot check by our professional inspectors. If there are too many subpar products found in the full inspection, the entire batch is discarded.
To ensure the quality of our raw material suppliers we conduct monthly quality and performance evaluations. We assess their delivery time, returned materials during IQC, and recognition of any improvement made in material quality and attitude on part of the suppliers. Inferior evaluations result in them being replaced as suppliers for our company.

Cost Control
At Highside, we strive to offer the lowest prices to worldwide customers through a series of cost control measures.
1. We continually train our production and inspection staff, which helps reduce defective products, and our loss of valuable products.
2. Daily cleaning and regular maintenance are conducted on our production equipment to ensure reliable performance and long service life.
3. We are able to cut expenses by reducing our water, electricity and office supplies use.
4. We implement rigorous selection and evaluation of material suppliers, taking into account relevant transportation cost together with their delivery performance.
5. Reusable waste is specially stored to be treated by professional recyclers.
6. We insist on the safety first principle, so as to avoid or reduce industrial accidents.

All these factors combine to ensure our products are available at economical prices.
In order to make customers feel secure in purchasing our products we offer a 3-5 year warranty on our products. OEM service is also available, upon request. If you are looking for personal protective product or medical disposables we encourage you to contact us and try our products. We at Highside are confident that our superior products and complete service will exceed your expectations!

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