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Quality Control

In order to effectively control product quality, we set up a specialized quality inspection department and employ professional staff to perform IQC, IPQC and OQC.
1. During the IQC incoming material inspection, if we find quality abnormality, our IQC inspectors will refuse the materials and also fill in the table for tracking those trouble materials. Furthermore, we will require suppliers to find out the existing problems of raw materials and fix them thoroughly. IQC will follow the process of material improvement until the case ends.
2. As to IPQC inspection in production, if there are quality problems with finished products or semi-finished products, we will promptly report to machine operators and engineering department. Besides, engineering department will be responsible for locating where the problem is, and fixing it. If the quality problem is due to worker's improper operation, directors of this production line will take the responsibility and ameliorate this. If the problem is caused by machine itself, then equipment department (including machine repair department) will cope with this. This quality abnormality will be recorded by IPQC personnel and notified the next day to every department for the sake of avoiding similar problems in the future.
3. If OQC spots problems in quality inspection before delivery, the delivery will be immediately ceased and the problems will be promptly notified to each department. Full inspection by production department and quality department on this batch of products will be conducted. Specifically, production department performs full inspection and quality department is responsible for random inspection after that. If, after all inspection, there is no question coming up, then OQC will carry out another outgoing inspection. If there are still many quality problems or unacceptable quality problems, this batch of products will be discarded. A remanufacturing arrangement will be made by production control department.
In addition, we carry out monthly quality performance evaluation of our raw materials suppliers. For those who have worst performance, we will send a quality improvement report, and require them to do a careful analysis of the existing problems to eliminate them. The suppliers will also need to take concrete actions to improve to prevent problems from arising again.

We evaluate the performance of raw material suppliers according to four points, which are specified as follows.
A. Rate of timely material supply.
B. Material returning complaints by IQC
C. The improvements made by the suppliers
D. The attitude of suppliers to cooperate
To those who perform badly in every month, we will carry out on-site examination to validate the improvements. Those who are rated as the worst suppliers for three consecutive months will receive reduced order or even disqualification order.

Cost Saving

We take the following measures to reduce our costs.
1. We give special training to machine operators and quality inspectors, which helps reduce inferior products caused by misoperation, and thus eliminate unnecessary wastes.
2. Operators do daily cleaning and maintenance of our machines, so as to prevent machine damage or shortened lifetime due to man-made factors. Equipment department conducts regular overhaul to maintain the machines in normal operation.
3. We award those who actively save water, electricity and office stuff.
4. When developing new suppliers, our purchasers take into account the distance to cover and timeliness of material delivery. For the regular suppliers, we assess by the orders and the frequency of supplying materials.
5. We either recycle all reusable wastes or subject them to professional recycling companies.
6. We insist on safety priority in order to avoid industrial accidents.

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