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  • Disposable HeadwearAs our disposable headwear has the advantages of being dustproof, waterproof, breathable, filterable, well flexible, elastic, soft and clean, it is extensively used for labor protection and in public places where highly hygienic conditions are required. Currently, the superior disposable headwear is highly sought after by customers in hospitals ...
  • Disposable FacewearOur disposable facewear provides many advantages, such as convenience, single use, economical prices, mass production, and wide application.
    The property and filtration of our disposable respirator reaches the level required by European EN 149 Standard. ...
  • Disposable BodywearThis page shows our disposable bodywear, which includes disposable lab coat, disposable coverall, and more. Our personal protective clothing provides the advantages of water and dust resistance, good air permeability, high filtration capacity, high flexibility, softness and sanitation. ...
  • Disposable HandwearThe disposable handwear has the advantages of water and virus resistance, soft texture, sanitation and no allergy to human skin. Hence, the disposable products are widely used for labor protection, family and public hygienic applications. The disposable handwear is also commonly found in medical examination, hospitals, ...
  • Disposable FootwearOur disposable footwear is clean, water and dust proof, providing good air permeability and great flexibility. Hence, these products are extensively used in labor protection, and public places where high standard sanitary conditions are necessary. The disposable footwear has countless applications to medical examination, hospitals, clinics, ...

Disposable Clothing

Thanks for visiting our website. Highside Company is a professional Chinese disposable clothing manufacturer.
Protective equipment is a kind of facilities providing protection for personal security and health in manufacturing. Disposable clothing is essential in reducing occupational hazards.
Disposable clothing is divided into 9 kinds according to different protecting body regions.
1. Disposable headwear
Our disposable headwear is commonly used for hair, dandruff, or dust prevention in food, medicine, electronics, chemical, and coating industries. Also, the disposable headwear is worn by doctors and nurses to protect the wounds of patients from impurities.
2. Disposable facewear
Disposable facewear is essential equipment used to prevent pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases. In terms of varied purposes, there are three kinds of facewear used for dust prevention, virus protection, and maintenance. According to different mechanism, disposable facewear falls into filter type and encapsulated
4. Disposable footwear
The disposable footwear, designed for dust and impurity protection, is typically suitable for use in environment where high level sanitary conditions are necessary.
5. Disposable handwear
Disposable handwear, a kind of disposable clothing designed to protect hands, comes in many types, including acid or alkali resistant gloves, electricity insulating gloves, welding gloves, X-ray resistant gloves and asbestos gloves, to name a few.
6. Disposable bodywear
Disposable bodywear provides protection against physical and chemical attacks for workers.Some items provide protection against blood and liquid for doctors and nurses. There is protective bodywear both for special and general purposes.

Our disposable clothing includes cap, mask, beard cover, shoe cover, boot cover, glove, apron, sleeve cover, visitor coat, isolation gown, coverall and patient gown, etc. These products are made of various materials, such as SPP and SMS nonwoven fabrics, PE, CPE, polyester, PVC, rubber, paper and film. Our disposable headwear, facewear, bodywear, etc. thus have excellent dustproof, waterproof, oil resistant, leakproof, antivirus properties. Disposable clothing that is acid or alkali resistant is also available. Hence, our products are applied in labor protection, family hygiene and public places requiring highly hygienic conditions. The disposable clothing is typically applicable to medical examination, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, food industry, chemical, electronic industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, painting, printing, construction, repair, horticulture, cosmetics, restaurants, agricultures, forestry and animal husbandry, etc.

Highside is a specialized manufacturer of personal protective product, disposable clothing, and medical disposables. Our company has received the ISO9001 and ISO13485 Certifications. Due to our management in rigid compliance with the international standards, our products are CE certified. Our location in Wuhan city affords us easy access to abundant resources and complete production lines, which effectively lower our production costs. Due to high quality and competitive prices, our bouffant cap, disposable n95 mask, face mask, etc. now have markets in many countries and regions, including the US, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia, among others. We can fulfill your order within 25 days. If you have need for disposable clothing, or other personnel protective product, please contact us via phone or email. We at Highside are happy to assist you.

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