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The disposable face mask has many advantages, such as good air permeability, heat insulation, flexibility, high filtration capacity, soft texture, and excellent water proofing and absorbing property.At present, most of the disposable face mask is made of two-layer nonwoven fabrics as externals and a layer of filter cloth (melt blown fiber) between them. Melt blown fiber or the middle layer provides property of generating static electricity, and thus can attach small particles. This is why the face mask can absorb dust and protect lives. However, because of its static electricity, all the face mask are disposable.

Specifications of Disposable Face Mask
1. Single-use
2. Without glass fibers
3. Hypoallergenic
4. Good air permeability
5. Designed with adjustable mask nose
6. Our face mask offers high filtration capacity ≥ 95%, and the best filtration capacity≥ 99.9%
7. Perfect fitting of the disposable mask over the face
8. Repel contamination of dangerous blood and saliva continually
9. Inner cover of the disposable face mask has excellent property of sweat-absorbing, while outer cover is water resistant.
10. Conformity to American nelson laboratories test standards EN14683; CE and ISO certified
11. Suitable for factory, surgery, electronic, food, pharmacy and beauty parlor use.
12. Size: 17×9.5CM
13. Packing: 50PCS/BOX, 2000PCS/CTN.

Face Mask Earloop 2 PLY Article code: HI04301
Face Mask Earloop 3 PLY Article code: HI04311
Face Mask Tie On 2 PLY Article code: HI04401
Face Mask Tie On 3 PLY Article code: HI04411
Face Mask with Activated Carbon 4 PLY Article code: HI04601
Face Mask With Eye Cover Article code: HI04701

As a professional face mask manufacturer in China, Highside is involved in the production and sale of disposable scalpel, SPP shoe cover, and many other products. With complete quality management system, we are ISO9001 and ISO13485 approved due to our production and operation in line with international standards. Our CE certified personal protective product is now increasingly popular with customers from the U.S, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, and more. If you are interested in our products, please see our product webpage to find the right product for your application or contact us directly for assistance. The staff at Highside is ready and waiting to serve you.

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