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Isolation Gown, Surgical Gown
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Isolation Gown, Surgical Gown

Welcome to our website! The product shown on this page is Highside isolation gown, which is also known as surgical gown.
Surgical gown is worn by doctors to isolate bacteria and infection induced by other factors when performing surgeries, experiments and researches. The isolation gown helps protect patients from secondary infection and serves to provide cleanness to both people and our environment. In addition, the disposable bodywear can be used as special work clothes for researchers in other fields, such as quality inspection, epidemic prevention, chemical, military, etc.
Materials and Manufacturing Techniques
The isolation gown is made from nonwoven materials like SPP and SMS. The disposable bodywear is environment-friendly, convenient and easy to use, and saves the trouble to clean and wash. According to manufacturing techniques, there are three kinds of isolation gown, namely full coated, half coated and non-coated ones. Most of the gowns are blue.
The surgical gown, made from 100% high density polyethylene offers air and moisture permeability, and can barrier liquid and fine dust while allowing vapor. The isolation gown is lightweight, tensile, static electricity resistant and silicon free.

1. All-in-one, front opening
2. The surgical gown is durable, soft, light, comfortable, phozy, abrasion and static electricity resistant.
3. The isolation gown is air and vapor permeable, while resisting water fluid and aerosol.
4. The gown is made from 100% high density polyethylene, containing no additives, adhesives and silicon.
5. With perfectly smooth surface, surgical gown is able to expel inorganic liquid and prevent splashing of chemicals. Solid dust cannot attach to the gown as well.
6. The isolation gown is specially coated to effectively prevent harmful, superfine dust, high density inorganic acid, alkali and salt solutions.
7. It offers resistance to liquid of about 5 MPA.
8. It is proved that the surgical gown provides protection against the attack of blood, virus and body liquid.

The isolation gown is typically used by doctors for operation, patient treatment, quarantine test, and disinfection in virus polluted areas. The surgical gown is also applied to such fields as military, medical, chemical, environmental protection, transportation, and epidemic prevention, etc.

Specifications of Isolation/Surgical Gown
1. Disposable, soft
2. Cool and comfortable to wear.
3. Our disposable isolation gown is lightweight, durable and has superior air permeability.
4. Water and blood resistance
5. The surgical gown is typically used in hospitals or clinics for protection.
7. Sanitation and quality in accordance with the CE and ISO standards
8. Size: 110x130cm; 115x137cm; 120x140cm; 130x150cm
9. Packing: 10 pcs/bag, 100 pcs/ctn.

SPP Isolation/Surgical Gown
Article code: HI06401
PE Coated SPP Isolation/Surgical Gown
Article Code: HI06411
SMS Isolation/Surgical Gown
Article code: HI06421

Highside is a professional isolation gown manufacturer, located in China. With years of production experience, we are able to produce high quality personal protective product, disposable clothing, medical disposables, and others. We achieve this by establishing independent quality control department, and employing specialized inspectors to monitor each procedure of our production. In addition to providing superior, CE certified products, we accomplish effective control of our production cost through management in line with ISO9001 international standards. Hence, our personal protective product is high quality competitively priced. If you are in need of disposable bodywear, please contact us. We at Highside are confident that you will be pleased with our reliable products and attentive service!

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