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Disposable Lab Coat
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Disposable Lab Coat

Welcome to our website! This page deals in details with Highside disposable lab coat. If you are interested in the disposable bodywear, please see the following for more information.
Disposable lab coat serves to protect the wearers from dangerous chemicals and infectious materials. It is an economical choice for medical professionals, research chemists, scientists and technicians who work around hazardous materials in a laboratory setting.
The disposable lab coat may come in various styles. In addition to protecting your clothing from chemicals, blood and other secretions, the lab coat offers ready recognition. For example, it is easy to identify doctors in a hospital as they are wearing a white lab coat.

Specifications of Disposable Lab Coat
1. Single-use
2. Our disposable lab coat is made from polypropylene spun-bond fabric or SMS fabric in 30 gram, 40 gram or 50 gram per square meter.
3. Elasticized around the wrist, press stud or Velcro fastening
4. Latex free
5. Cool and comfortable to wear
6. The disposable lab coat has high structure strength, with excellent tensile, tear and abrasion resistance.
7. Suitable for manufacturing, laboratory and hygienic application
8. Sanitation and quality in accordance with the ISO standards
9. Size: S—4XL
10. Packing: 1PC/BAG, 50PCS/CTN

SPP Lab Coat
Article code: HI06201

SMS Lab Coat
Article code: HI06221

As a professional Chinese manufacturer of disposable lab coat, Highside has accumulated abundant production experience in the industry. This, together with our high quality staff, including senior management personnel, professional supervisors and well trained workers, helps us form a complete quality management system. By implementing rigid quality control, we are able to guarantee superiority of our disposable patient gown, disposable raincoat, etc. Currently, we have received large orders from more than 30 countries and regions, including the U.S, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia, among others. If you have any inquiries in our products, please feel free to contact us. The staff at Highside is ready to serve you.

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