Highside Medical Technology CO., LTD.

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We are a personal protective product
medical disposables manufacturer in China

Highside Medical Technology CO., LTD. is a leading Chinese manufacturer of personal protective product, disposable clothing and medical disposables. We provide an extensive line of products including disposable cap, disposable face mask, disposable shoe cover,coverall,surgical gown, visitor coat,sleeve cover, disposable gloves,disposable scalpel, etc. These high quality, CE certified and competitively priced products have gained us many satisfied customers from over 30 countries and regions of the world, such as the US, Japan, Australia, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

It is our goal at Highside to consistently provide high quality personal protective product, disposable clothing, medical disposables, and related products, to customers all over the globe. We accomplish this by establishing a specialized inspection department to guarantee the reliability of our products. Our highly trained inspection staff conducts rigorous inspections of entire manufacturing process, from the acquisition of incoming materials, through each production procedure to the delivery of final products. This ensures that only superior products reach our customers. Years of continuous dedication to management in strict compliance with international standards has enabled our company to receive ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications.

In order to offer our products at the lowest prices we continually strive to reduce our costs without compromising product quality. We achieve this in a number of ways. Ongoing staff training helps reduce defective products, and thus, unnecessary waste. Regular cleaning and maintenance effectively extends the service life of our production equipment, which saves us on replacement cost. Also, strict screening of material suppliers and reducing our daily consumption of water, electricity and office supplies, also contributes to lower costs of our products.

In addition to high quality, low priced products, we also provide complete customer service. For example, we offer free samples of many of our products, and most of them come with warranties. If you receive any damaged product, please contact us immediately for replacement. Most deliveries are within 15-30 days, and OEM service is available, upon request.

With a wide array of personal protective product and medical disposables available at Highside, we are sure you will find the right product for your business. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us. The staff at Highside is ready and waiting to serve you!






  • Bouffant Cap
  • Bouffant Cap
  • Our bouffant cap is suitable for food processing, manufacturing, construction and hygienic application ...
  • Face Mask
  • Face Mask
  • Inner cover of the disposable face mask has excellent property of sweat-absorbing, while outer cover is water ...
  • Isolation Gown
  • Isolation Gown
  • The isolation gown is typically used by doctors for operation, patient treatment, quarantine test, and disinfection in ...
  • vinyl glove
  • Vinyl Glove
  • Suitable for use in food processing, manufacturing, construction, hygienic application and daily use. ...
  • Shoe Cover
  • Shoe Cover
  • The overshoes are made from polyethylene,breathable,
    dustproof and waterproof ...